The 2nd China (Guangzhou) International New Energy Vehicle Industrial Ecology Chain Exhibition
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Intelligent Parking

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Intelligent Parking Area  |  智能停车设备展区

Exhibition area

    The rapid development of the national economy has promoted the automobile consumption market to continue to rise; the number of car ownership in the country has been rising steadily, the urban land resources are scarce, and the contradiction of insufficient supply and demand for parking in the city will be further aggravated; as of the end of March 2016, the number of motor vehicles in the country reached 283 million. Among them, 179 million vehicles and more than 130 million private cars. And it is growing at a rate of 20% per year. Especially in some big cities in China, the number of cars is more than 2 million, and the problem of parking difficulties has become a major problem in urban transportation. The intelligent parking lot and its related systems have been turned out to solve the parking problem effectively. The emergence of solutions such as three-dimensional garages and intelligent parking is bound to create infinite vitality for the parking industry. In order to promote the rapid development of the intelligent parking industry, promote the intelligentization of equipment and products, and transform and optimize processes through information technology. The EVE EXPO exhibits will cover application cases and solutions in the field of parking management systems, various types of intelligent parking equipment, parking technology and products, and will focus on the most advanced technologies and latest products in the parking industry.

Exhibit exhibits

Mechanical three-dimensional parking equipment and intelligent control system | Intelligent parking management system | AGV intelligent parking robot | Three-dimensional garage equipment | Intelligent parking charge management system | Parking space guidance and urban parking induction | Automatic license plate recognition system | Vehicle Identification System | Intelligent Reverse Vehicle Search System | Parking Aids and Products

The industry composition of the audience

Real estate developers, investors;
Professional service agencies such as property management units, owners' committees, and parking lot operations management;
Urban planning, architectural design, commercial design institutes;
Construction contractors, contractors and supervision agencies;
The static traffic management leading group at all levels, the construction traffic committee, and the transportation management office;
Distributor, distributor, agent

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