The 2nd China (Guangzhou) International New Energy Vehicle Industrial Ecology Chain Exhibition
& Global New Energy Vehicle Leadership Summit

China۰Guangzhou International Sourcing Center

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Electric Vehicles

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Bus, Taxi, Sharing vehicle Area 丨 客车、出租车、共享汽车展区

Exhibition Review

    The "2018 China (Guangzhou) International Electric Vehicle Industry Eco-chain Exhibition and Global Electric Vehicle Leaders Summit" with the theme of "Green Development, Innovation and Intellectual Alliance" was held on May 9-11 at the Pazhou International Purchasing Center in Guangzhou. The concept of “integrating resources, integrating industries, and sharing green” is committed to building a six-in-one industrial chain ecosystem of “car, pile, electricity, construction, stop, and network”, among which “2018 China International Urban Public Transport New Energy Vehicle Exhibition The conference will focus on pure electric bus, hydrogen fuel cell bus, hybrid bus, pure electric logistics vehicle, pure electric passenger car, driverless smart car, internet car, tourist car and charging pile, power battery, core components. Wait for new products and new technologies.

       The exhibition attracted 163 leading enterprises and outstanding brands from China CRRC, BYD, Foshan Feichi, Xiaolan Bus, Meihua Bus, Guangzhou Automobile New Energy, and Automobile Town. The exhibition area was over 30,000 square meters and received 46 countries. There are 21,100 professional visitors in the provinces and municipalities. The exhibition has been highly recognized and widely praised by the industry. It has become the iconic exhibition of “Car, Pile, Electricity, Construction, Stop, and Net” in China's new energy electric vehicle industry without any dispute.

Market opportunity

    The promotion and application of new energy vehicles in the Pearl River Delta has been at the forefront of the country. In recent years, the “quantity growth” of vehicle scale, the “quality improvement” of application level, the “point breakthrough” in key areas and the “development of the surface” of the transportation industry have been realized. The new energy bus has achieved regionalization, scale and intensive development in the Pearl River Delta region. The Pearl River Delta cities will all realize bus electrification by 2020. All new or updated taxis will use new energy vehicles and increase by 5 annually. Percentage points.

        On July 19, 2018, Guangzhou City launched a “heavy weight” in the subsidy policy for new energy vehicles – promoting new energy vehicles in Guangzhou, in addition to fuel cell vehicles, local subsidies in proportion to no more than 1:1 state subsidies. In addition, pure electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids (including extended-range) vehicles are compensated according to the ratio of 1:0.5 in the country. With preferential policies and huge market demand, Guangzhou is destined to become a must for new energy bus brands.

Exhibition Highlights

◆ “Car, pile, electricity, construction, stop, network” six-in-one – the only core theme exhibition in China that integrates “car, pile, electricity, construction, stop, network”, the industry leader and first-line brand convergence The top feast is the industry's undisputed new energy electric vehicle industry chain exhibition with the highest specifications and the most complete brand;

◆ Signing and awarding activities for major customers – signing the cooperation agreement between the bus company and the bus brand and the “most popular new energy bus” awarding ceremony, and awarding medals and certificates;

◆ Unmanned car debut - the top unmanned vehicles at home and abroad are on display, and the test experience area is opened to let the audience experience and understand the new products and technologies of driverless cars.

◆ Overseas buyers – international buyers from 46 countries in Europe, America, Southeast Asia and 19 provinces and cities are invited to come. No matter export or domestic business, you can find quality cooperation customers, truly professional visitors and exhibitors. Seam butt joint

◆ The government's key support – this exhibition has received support and participation from the Guangdong Provincial People's Government and the Pearl River Delta Municipal Work Committee, Development and Reform Commission, and the transportation department. It exchanges and negotiates with key exhibitors on the spot, provides subsidies to key enterprises, and prioritizes procurement. Support

◆ The best platform - truly become the new product release platform, new technology experience platform, new market trading platform and new test exchange platform for the new energy bus industry;

◆ High-Specification Forum – The World Electric Vehicle Leaders Summit is a good show. The government leaders and the industry's big coffee are gathered together to interpret new policies, explore the green future, and promote the development of the industry;

◆ Reception Dinner – provides an opportunity for exhibitors to interact with professional visitors in depth.

Exhibition Scope

Pure electric bus | Hydrogen fuel cell bus | Hybrid bus | Pure electric logistics car | Pure electric passenger car | Driverless smart car | Internet car |

The industry composition of the audience

Leaders and experts of the State Ministry (Ministry of Development and Reform, Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, Ministry of Communications, Ministry of Science and Technology);
City leaders and city managers;
Urban traffic operation management department;
City investment, trading, bus company;
Passenger transport, tourism, logistics enterprises;
Traffic management institutions of higher learning, design institutes, research institutions, media organizations, etc.

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