The 2nd China (Guangzhou) International New Energy Vehicle Industrial Ecology Chain Exhibition
& Global New Energy Vehicle Leadership Summit

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China Energy News visited EVE Organizing Committee South Network Grid Media Co., Ltd. and held a meeting to discuss

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Left one: Wu Xiaowen, Secretary General of EVE Organizing Committee, Liu Jianlin, Editor-in-Chief of China Energy News, and Ma Xingdong, Director of Media Operations Center of China Southern Power Grid Media Co., Ltd.

[Guangzhou New Energy Auto Show Conference News] On January 14, 2019, Liu Jianlin, Editor-in-Chief of China Energy News, Yi Yuming, Editor-in-Chief of China Energy News, Zhong Yinyan, General Manager of China Energy News Exhibition and Exhibition, and Energy Editor of People's Daily Online Data Center Zhu Lili, together with Wu Xiaowen, the secretary general of the China International New Energy Automobile Industry Ecological Chain Exhibition and the Global New Energy Vehicle Leaders Summit (referred to as EVE), and the marketing manager Luo Xiaoyuan, visited the EVE organizer China Southern Power Grid Media Co., Ltd. Wang Yongji, director, general manager and deputy secretary of the Party Committee of China Southern Power Grid Media Co., Ltd., member of the party committee, deputy general manager, union chairman Lei Shuhua, director of the media operation center Ma Xingdong and other representatives attended the meeting. The conference focused on "meetings, events, media integration, editing".

The meeting was hosted by Wang Yongji, director of China Southern Power Grid Media Co., Ltd., and Xu Shengru, executive deputy editor of Southern Energy Watch Magazine, introduced the organization structure, media matrix, data platform and corporate culture of China Southern Power Grid Media Corporation.

At the same time, Ma Xingdong, director of the Media Operations Center of China Southern Power Grid Media Co., Ltd. introduced the “2019 Second China (Guangzhou) International New Energy Automobile Industry Eco-chain Exhibition and Global New Energy Vehicle Leadership Summit” exhibition and summit jointly sponsored by China Southern Power Grid Media. .

With the acceleration of new industrialization and urbanization, urban energy, environmental protection, and transportation issues have become increasingly prominent. To realize the development of new energy vehicle applications in urban public transportation, taxis, airport commuting, urban logistics and other fields, it is necessary to have integrated industrial synergy solutions to solve the difficulty of grid transformation, difficult location of charging facilities, difficult construction, and long charging time. Insufficient total amount and other issues, while improving the forward-looking and scientific nature of urban planning and transportation layout, rationally deploying smart grid facilities, energy storage stations, charging stations (piling), mobile charging and other infrastructure, building safe and convenient, smooth and efficient, green Intelligent modern urban integrated transportation service system.

The exhibition is guided by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China and China Southern Power Grid Co., Ltd., China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Machinery Industry Branch, Guangdong International Chamber of Commerce, China Automotive News, China Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Promotion Alliance, China Southern Power Grid Media Co., Ltd. , Huasheng Green Industry Foundation, China Information Association Energy Branch, Guangzhou Zhongde Exhibition Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Shilong Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. It will be held on June 21-23, 2019 at the Pazhou International Purchasing Center in Guangzhou. With the theme of “Smart City, Electric Travel”, the exhibition will build a six-in-one new energy vehicle industry chain ecosystem of “car, pile, electricity, construction, network and stop” to “market-oriented, collaborative innovation, cooperation and win-win”. In order to organize the exhibition concept, we will create a new product release platform, a new technology experience platform, a new market trading platform, and a new concept exchange platform.

The exhibition will hold the “2019 Global New Energy Vehicle Leaders Summit” in the same period, focusing on “Policy, Technology, Market, Capital”, special forums, industry cooperation cooperation seminars, key technology seminars, park promotion conferences, capital matchmaking meetings, contract cooperation news. A series of theme events, including conferences, branding sessions and business dinners. Invited leaders of relevant provincial and municipal departments, industry association leaders, and well-known experts and scholars at home and abroad in the field of new energy automobile industry, well-known enterprise leaders, representatives of new energy vehicle research institutions, etc. To jointly explore the future development of new energy vehicle-related industries in the new environment, explore solutions for industrial transformation and technological innovation, and provide overall solutions for future travel of global cities.


Liu Jianlin, editor-in-chief of China Energy News, said that China Energy News, as the most authoritative professional media in the domestic energy industry, will actively promote the healthy development of the energy industry.

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